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Sea To Sea Communications has provided voice processing solutions since 1991.

Daily Lifeline is a special version of WavMail, our full-featured call processing and voice mail system.  Several WavMail features are included in the Daily Lifeline system.

With WavMail, voice mail messages can be played by phone, through an Internet browser or sent as attachments in e-mail.  The system is competitively priced and works with many commercial telephone systems.

GetMyHomework is a special product for schools.  Teachers use any telephone to record daily homework assignments up to 10 days in advance.  Parents and students can hear the homework assignments by telephone, through and Internet browser or as e-mail attachments.  Multiple report options help principals insure that the system information remains current.  The system can even play 'bells' through phones and the school PA system on a schedule to avoid the cost of dedicated bell system.

Sea To Sea Communications also installs and maintains telephone equipment in the northern suburbs of Atlanta as an authorized Samsung Telecommunications dealer.

For more information, please call toll-free at:  800.789.4007

Sorry, due to the flood of spam we no longer publish company e-mail information.


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