A Daily Check-In System to
support Independent Living


Daily Check-In

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Daily Lifeline helps preserve independence with an automated system that's quick and easy.

Members check in daily by telephone or through our web site with a simple process that lets family and friends know that everything is OK.

During each check-in, family, friends and the site administrator are notified.  Even more importantly, notifications are made if the member fails to check in.

This simple but powerful check-in system helps preserve independent living for anyone regardless of age.  It's especially helpful for those recovering from surgery or with chronic medical conditions.

Members late for a check-in can be displayed to other members of their local group, helping insure friends watching over friends.


Members late for scheduled check-in
Member Name Hours/Minutes Overdue Last Checkin
405 - Grace M 3:55 8/31 10:37:51 AM
406 - Faye F 1 Day Overdue 8/30 8:11:31 AM
404 - Valera W Account turned off 8/30 9:58:02 AM
408 - Josephine O Suspend every Thursday 8/30 7:38:07 AM


Daily Lifeline is an automatic check-in system for senior citizens and others living alone.

Friends and family receive an e-mail message each time the member checks in, and when the member fails to check in by the designated time. 

The sponsor organization can monitor the system each day and follow up with members who don't check in by their designated time.

If the member has not checked in by the designated time, or if the system has not sent an expected e-mail, a follow-up should be made immediately to make sure everything is OK.


View Sample Screens

Sample e-mail provides a sample of the e-mails send each time a member checks in, and if a member misses a scheduled check-in.

Office View gives a sample of the screen that should always be on display in the office of the system sponsor.  This screen displays members late for their scheduled check-in.  It also displays members in 'suspend' mode for vacations.

Member View provides the perspective of the member when accessing the system over the Internet.  While most members may never use this feature, members comfortable with the Internet can use this screen to check in and maintain the list of friends and family members receiving e-mail notifications.