A Daily Check-In System to
support Independent Living


Daily Check-In


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Communications Inc.

Canton, GA


What is Daily Lifeline?

Think Independent Living


What is the check-in process?

Daily Lifeline members simply make a phone call each morning and enter their member number and password.

Your organization can provide a custom message that plays after the check-in process or use our default messages.

Upon check-in, friends or relatives receive an e-mail message confirming the check-in. 

If the member forgets to call, Daily Lifeline places a call to the member.  If everything is OK the member enters the password and this completes the check-in process.

If the member does not check-in by the expected time, the same friends and relatives receive an e-mail message so a follow-up can be initiated.

In addition, the main administrator screen displays which members have not checked in and the administrator is also notified by e-mail which members have not checked in.  This is especially helpful for public safety departments helping to check on people who may need additional help while living alone.

Members who are Internet-active may prefer to complete the check-in process on line. 

Daily Lifeline provides freedom and flexibility because members can completely the check-in process from any telephone or any computer connected to the Internet.

What is the cost to the user?

While we have no control over the policy of your organization, Daily Lifeline is designed so there is no cost to the individual user.

Does this replace a wearable pendant?

No, Daily Lifeline compliments a pendant system.

Pendant systems are great for summoning immediate help after an emergency like a fall. 

But pendant systems require action by the user and this may not be possible during a medication problem, low blood sugar or even a low battery!

Daily Lifeline checks on the member each day.

What organizations could benefit from Daily Lifeline?

Daily Lifeline is suited for many organizations.

Public Safety
Police, fire fighters and EMTs often become aware of individuals living alone who may need occasional help.  While it's not possible for these public safety officers to call or visit each day, they would certainly perform a safety check if necessary.

Daily Lifeline can help them locate people who may need assistance so assistance arrives in time.

 Churches and other religious organizations
Budgets are tight but the low cost of Daily Lifeline can support the senior ministry of almost any church. 

Your pastor, rabbi or other leader can record up to 30 inspirational messages in advance each month and give a friendly voice to people living alone.

Senior citizen activity or living centers
Organizations catering to senior citizens often become aware when members become ill or are recovering from a medical procedure. 

Some people may wish to use the system only while convalescing while others wish to use the system permanently.