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What is Daily Lifeline?
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Good friends watch out for each other.
   Daily Lifeline makes it easier.

It's tough to call and chat with every friend, every day to make sure that things are OK.  But as a good friend we'd still like to know that our friends are doing well.

Daily Lifeline is a quick and simple daily check-in system that allows friends to watch over each other.

The check-in process takes less than a minute from any telephone or through the Internet. 

The system is free to members and sponsored by your local hospital, senior center, public safety, church or other organization. 

Why should my organization sponsor Daily Lifeline?

Saving lives for pennies a day

Daily Lifeline was originally designed as a stand-alone computer system that was installed in your office.  This required an initial investment of thousands of dollars and the monthly expense of additional phone lines.  The first year investment averaged $4,000 and was beyond the reach  of most groups.  We've now reduced this cost to pennies per day by providing the service on equipment located in our offices.

*  There is absolutely no equipment to purchase.

*  Members can check in daily from any telephone or through our web site.

*  Your administrator can add, remove or change members through our web site.

*  Ideal for sponsorship by Hospitals, Senior Citizen support organizations, Public Safety, Churches, Homeowner Associations, Surgical centers and more.

*  Complements existing 'pendant' systems that summon help by pressing a button for those times when it's not possible to press the button.

*  Daily Lifeline helps support independent living and may even save a life - and all for only pennies a day.  What are you waiting for??

Please call our toll-free number with any questions or to set up your account.

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